Tuesday, April 26

Welcome to my stag party!

Strictly speaking, this blog is about photography. But really, it's about having fun. Because as far as I'm concerned, play is the most important part of any art, photography included.

Sure, I'll get serious from time to time. I may even get technical. But hey, technique is important, because it can make your play more enjoyable.

Speaking of play, consider the photo of this young stag, which I took on a snowy winter afternoon last December. I had two choices that day: Listen to the adult in me ("Crap, it's snowing again") and stay home, or listen to the kid in me ("Oh cool, it's snowing outside!") and head out into the woods. Fortunately, I let the kid win.

In this blog, I want to focus (yes, you will have to put up with my puns) on enjoying photography — whether you're making pictures or simply looking at them. So take a sec to subscribe to my feed, and let's have fun together.